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Keys to Creating Your Dream Home

Like all things in life, there are many ways of obtaining your goals.
The key is to be efficient, thorough and never lose sight of that goal.


he art of building is slowly being lost. Too many contractors rely on the education they received in college as a base for their business. Now, no one can knock a good education, but building is more than being book-smart. A builder relies on years of, well,…building, in the field, hands on. A fine home starts out on paper where all the lines are crisp and clear, but during the course of construction, adjustments are made, and the lines are not always so clear.


Gather Information

Write Down Ideas

Working Drawings


How to Customize Your Dream

Educate yourself. Learn all you can about the building process. If you have a picture in your head of what you want to build, try to put that idea down on paper. You see a picture in a magazine that excites you, cut it out and file it. Start a scrapbook of ideas for your new home. The more information you can gather on your own time will help the designer in the long run and that will save you money.

Picking a designer can be difficult, so interview a number of them. You want someone who will listen to your ideas and can create working drawings from that picture in your head. This is no easy feat so ask for a list of references. Happy clients are a good sign. Also, be sure the type of structure is a good fit with the designer.

Picking a contractor is just as tough. Again, references are a good sign. This is not just a business agreement, it’s a relationship. You will be working very closely with your contractor, and you need to be able to convey ideas and understand each others needs.


About the “Contractor”

I like the term “Builder” because that’s what I do. The contract is paper that describes the terms and conditions, and there are some contractors out there that just handle the paper. A builder is someone who has firsthand knowledge, who understands the concepts of living spaces, and has a passion for building.

Your Complete Building Contractor

Golden Rule Builders



the structure that everything is built on. It has to be right. It has to be level. If something is wrong at this point, then something will be wrong throughout the whole project.



A foundation can be anything from a simple slab on grade, to a “T” footing with a raised floor, to a hillside with piers or pilings. It all depends on your lot and soil conditions. Cutting corners here affects the whole project, and can add costs further down the road. I have the experience to form it up right no matter the shape, with all the hardware in the correct place.



the bones of your building. The framing holds everything else up. You want it plumb and square, the walls nice and straight, beams tight in their pockets, and all structural hardware installed properly. They call it rough carpentry, but if done right, it’s a shame to cover it up. I can handle all of your framing needs…

Framing walls: A large split-level home with a tall curved wall and staircase.

Some framing can be as beautiful as fine finish work.

                                                                                                                  Roof Framing:  A skylight set at an angle to the rafters.

Roof Framing: A sloping and curved roof.


Framing: The tall curved wall and the sloping curved roof over the top.

…from a big new custom home to a small addition I have the knowledge to build it right.



Framed, the shape of a house can be seen.


Custom Framing, It’s in the Details

Why build square?

My years of firsthand experience give me the ability to frame up even the most complicated of structures. If you can dream it, I can frame it.






 Create a pattern on the floor: Layout is the key to making this work out right. Layout lines, math, more lines, more math… you get the picture.

A view from above.

Fine Finish and Mill Work…

the framing is extremely important but it’s the finish that everyone sees.



More Finish…

I have a complete mobile shop that I can set up on site. This allows me to custom mill anything that is necessary to get the job done.

       Honduras Mahogany cabinets                                                        Alder pocket doors and casing       





  Maple mantelpiece                                                                    


    Maple built-in cabinets


Your complete building contractor

Golden Rule Builders

Many References Available Upon Request




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